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Basics of i-Phone


Location and Mapping

Core Location and Map Kit Overview
Core Location: Determining the User 's Current Location
Core Location: A Better Core Location Controller Class
Map Kit: Showing the User's Location on a Map
Map Kit : Location Information and Reverse Geocoding
Map Kit and MK Annotation: Marking Places on a Map
Enhancing Maps Using Custom Annotations
Plotting and Displaying a Route Using Overlays



AB Address Book Overview
Adding, Updating, and Deleting Contacts
Using Address Book View Controllers in Your App
Adding New Contacts
Saving Contact Data in Your App
Using Address Book Contact Data: Sending SMS Messages


Calendars and Notifications

Event Kit Overview
Using Event View Controllers
Adding, Updating, and Deleting Events
Creating Recurring Events
Implementing Reminders with Local Notifications
Checking for and Reacting to Event Changes


Camera and Media

Camera and Media Overview
Retrieving and Displaying Photos from the Device
Testing Tips: Overcoming Simulator Limitations
Taking and Saving a Photo with the Camera
Capturing Photos with the Front -Facing Camera
Recording and Saving Video
Building an Alternative Image Picker Using the Assets Library Framework



Email Overview
Sending Email
Sending Attachments
Dealing with Email Errors and User Cancellation
Adding Email Feedback to Your App Using Action Sheets


Expanding Your App's Audience

Creating Universal Apps
An Easy Conversion: Converting Our Camera App


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