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Learn to collect, organize and analyze web traffic data, and improve site performance and marketing campaigns.


Get trained and certified in as little as six weeks:

• 100% web-based training - online, any time
• Get eight-part primer on data collection
• Understand and analyze Key Performance Indicators
• Learn advanced data segmentation techniques
• Master's five favorite analytics reports
• Use surveys to get qualitative data from real users
• Merge online and offline with multichannel analytics
• Understand the subtleties of Google Analytics


Web Analytics Curriculum

While Internet marketing has many facets, all of them intersect at one discipline -- Web Analytics. Whether you study SEO, Social Media, or Paid Search, success in any of those fields hinges on a keen understanding of your web metrics.
Let our faculty simplify the complex world of Web Analytics. Learn why segmenting is an excellent strategy for gaining insights into your visitors, and discover different tools that will help you understand visitor behavior on your website. You'll look at your search data much more effectively, identify all your "home pages", understand "conversion behavior", revisit the linking strategy for your core pages, and isolate emerging trends.


Introduction To Web Analytics

Start off with this series of 11 introductory videos that should ease your way into the world of Web Analytics, including a rather comprehensive overview on data collection. Avinash's concepts are inspirational, approachable, and concrete, giving you the opportunity to master what is traditionally a very complex field of study.


You Will Learn:

• How to prioritize for your business.
• How free tools can make using analytics easier.
• Why web analytics is not confined to clickstream data.
• Why experimentation and testing is intregral to web analytics 2.0
• What multiplicity is and why you need to get comfortable with it.
• The difference between metrics, dimensions, goals, targets, segments, and KPIs.
• Why business objectives should be DUMB.
• How to track eCommerce, and the beauty of the Pivot View.
• How to track hybrid behaviors on smart phones -- and not-so-smart phones.
• How to create an "Events by Custom Variables" report - and why you should.
• The one extra step you need to take to let Google Analytics use the data.
• And more...


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