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3D Character Animation with Maya 2010 (Newly Added)     
Course Duration: 240 Hours 
Course content:

1) User Interface.
2) 3D navigation and concepts.
3) Modeling.

Starting with basic 3D modeling and standard polygon primitives
CV and EP curves
Polygon Modeling (Edit Poly)
Subdivision Surfaces
Snapping, Aligning tools.
A) Product Modeling.
Modeling gazettes, furniture etc.
B) Character Modeling.
Edge loop modeling
Low poly modeling
Modeling for gaming
(Modeling a complex human, animal or toon model as major assignment)

4) Texturing

Standard Surface shaders (e.g. blinn, anisotropic, phong, lambert etc.) and their properties
Standard attributes like refraction, reflection, displacement, bump etc.
Creating common materials like wood, glass, plastic, metal etc. with the help of standard shaders
Volumetric Shaders
Mental-Ray nodes
Hypershade, Shading Group and Linking nodes
UV Mapping and placement of textures
UVW Unwrapping
Creating required textures using Photoshop
Creating PSD network
Normal mapping
Texturing for gaming
(UV mapping a complex model as a part of major assignment)

5) Lighting

Standard lights and basic light attributes
Mental-Ray lights
Using concepts like Final Gather, Global Illumination & Caustics
Creating and using 'Physical Sun and Sky'
Using lights for creating Interior/Exterior Day/Night lighting
Using Fog

6) Camera

Standard camera attributes.
Depth of Field
Motion Blur
Environment maps and Lenses
Basic camera shots and techniques for film

7) Dynamics & VFX

Soft/Rigid body and collision concepts
Force fields
Particle effects
Dynamic constraints
nCloth simulation and constraints
Creating effects like Shatter, Lighting, fire etc.
Particle collision event editor
Fluid effects
Creating Hair and Fur

8) Rigging

Basic Linking concepts in 3D
Linking and Hierarchy
Creating, Editing bones
Setting bones for character & machines
Adding IK (Inverse Kinematic) handles
Creating Controllers
Adding new attributes to Controllers
Wiring different parameters for Controllers to simplify animation
Skinning and adjusting the influences

9) Animation

Basic Animation concepts
Using Time-line and set key for animation
Creating simple Path animation for bike and cars
Character animation:-
Study of Human and animal walk-cycle
Creating walk cycle for human and animals
Creating complex character animation
Set Character and Set Sub-Character
Creating 'Clips' and 'Poses'
Blending Clips in Trax Editor
Using Trax Editor and Graph Editor
Animation constraints
Creating Facial expressions

10) Rendering

Introduction to Rendering in layers, Render passes and Network Rendering


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