Diploma in Digital Arts

Diploma in Digital Arts (DDA)

  Orlando CDAC authorised academy has introduced the Diploma in Digital Arts (DDA), a part-time course, developed by c-dac’s national Multimedia Resource (NMRC). DDA is design for Under Graduates from the Arts, Commerce, other Diploma holders and for those who aspire to enter the Multimedia Profession. Student sof10 standards after completion of DDA are also eligible for the DACA course. The course curriculum covers basics of various streams of Multimedia Field like, Graphic Design, 2D Animations, Web Design, Interactive Applications and Audio / Video Editing.

Course Duration: 216 Hrs

Course Fees: Rs. 16000/-

Course Content:


  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Graphic Design (Manual)
  • Fundamentals of Computer Designing
  • Introduction to Concepts: Vector & Raster
  • Image Creation-Rendering Techniques
  • Vector Graphics
  • Design, Aesthetics and Principles
  • Creating Artworks, Layouts


  • Fundamentals of Animation
  • Design Drawing for 2D Animation
  • Concepts and Techniques: 2D Animation
  • Concepts and Techniques: 3D Animation


  • Basics of Digital Audio
  • Basics of Digital Video
  • Introduction to VFX
  • Post Production Techniques


  • Basics of Scripting
  • Basics of GUI
  • Interactive Application Development Concepts







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