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  Regardless of how small or large your business is, We offers a database solution that can lower IT costs, while maintaining security. Expand your business with a broad portfolio of database products, while discovering new insights from various data sources. By investing in Orlando Database Training, learn how this technology enables your business to consolidate onto database clouds and engineering systems.

Course Duration: 30hrs.

Course Content:

  •   Introduction to DBMS
  •   Types and Components of DBMS
  •   Advantages of DBMS
  •   Database Design
  •   Codd's Rules
  •   Client/Server Computing
  •   RDBMS Technologies
  •   Data Models
  •   Normalization Techniques
  •   Introduction to Oracle
  •   SQL* Plus
  •   DDL, DML and DCL
  •   Tables, Indexes and Views and Sequences
  •   Structured Query Language (SQL)
  •   Queries
  •   Advanced Queries and Sub Queries



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