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Center for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC)

Set up in 1988, Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) is a scientific society of the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India, carrying out Research and Development (R&D) in IT, electronics and associated areas. Different thematic areas of C-DAC's research include high performance computing, grid and cloud computing, multilingual computing, professional electronics, software technologies, cyber security, health informatics, ubiquitous computing, and education & training.

As an institution for high-end R&D, C-DAC has been at the forefront of the IT revolution in the country, constantly building capacities in emerging technologies, and innovating and leveraging its expertise, calibre and skill sets to develop and deploy IT products and solutions for diverse sectors. It has resulted in the emergence of a high-quality intellectual resource base at C-DAC in the form of expert teams with specialised knowledge of various facets of advanced computing.

Advanced Computing Training School (ACTS)

With such a rich resource base at its command, C-DAC set up the Advanced Computing Training School (ACTS) in 1993 to meet the ever-increasing skilled manpower requirements of the Information Communication Technologies (ICT) industry as well as supplement its intellectual resource base for cutting-edge research and development. Over the years C-DAC has designed and delivered various postgraduate and undergraduate degree and diploma programmes. In addition, C-DAC imparts ICT training to state and national governments and agencies, strategic sectors, corporate and industries, foreign countries and international students,based on specific requirements.

Presently C-DAC is offering Post Graduate Diploma courses through its centres located in various cities.Each year, thousands of students are trained at these centres, enhancing their knowledge-base and equipping them with the latest methodologies in advanced computing so as to make their mark in the ICT industry. So far more than 3 lakh students have passed out from C-DAC. Many of them are successful employees of multinational and premier Indian ICT companies today, and many more have become booming entrepreneurs.



Orlando Academy was established in Indore in May 2011 with the vision of playing a leading role in the world of IT training industry, software development and multimedia. We are an Authorized Training Center (ATC) of C-DAC’s Advanced Computing Training School (ACTS). Orlando delivers a range of courses designed and offered by C-DAC, ACTS viz. DAC (Diploma in Advanced Computing) and Pre C-CAT (Preparatory Course for DAC).Setup is managed by a team of dedicated professionals. Our years of experience of quality education, development, implementation and facilitation offering lively ambience and highly conducive environment for study prepares the students for the giant leap in the IT industry. We have a very proud record of Alumni, now working at very senior positions in the IT industry in and outside India, or heading their own organizations in software development and Information Technologies.


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